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Various Artists - 2015 Finest [CRMK239; Tech-House]

Various Artists – 2015 Finest [CRMK239; Tech-House]

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A hot year 2015 full of great tracks for the floor and to chill at the beach. Take your time and listen to vibes of the paradise. We choose the best stuff of all releases to present you this masterpiece.


3 05:34

Lost Eden (Kurt Rk Remix) 08:08

Dark Metter 07:14

Chacho (Jona Marrero Remix) 06:21

Come to My House (Luke Stanger Remix) 06:17

Neither Feet nor Head 06:41

You (Da Productor Remix) 07:08

Krunk 07:45

Come to My House (Kurt Rk Remix) 06:44

Girlfriend (Conrad Product Remix) 07:00

This House (Hector Villanueva Remix) 07:18

Disaster (Luke Stanger Remix) 07:20

Neither Feet nor Head (Luke Stanger Remix) 06:45

Titan 08:00

This House (House This Remix) 07:16

Shake Brake 04:41

White Square (Kephee Remix) 06:03

Back at School 06:34

Frequency 07:25

Technical Ghost 05:54

Dark Metter (Hector Villanueva Remix) 07:06

Route étoilée (Jason Heat Remix) 07:02

Technical Ghost (Da Productor Remix) 07:18

Knowere 05:34

Amenophis (Luke Stanger Remix) 07:02

Questionable Character 07:18

Girlfriend (Da Productor Remix) 07:26

Mirna (Knique Remix) 07:32

The Muzik 07:21

Hot Mess 06:51

LC 35172

© 2015 Chibar Records

EAN 4250928377135

Release date 2016-01-29

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Various Artists - 2015 Finest [CRMK239; Tech-House]

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